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Monday, January 19, 2015


      On Saturday, January 17, 2015 I had a great photo session at CENOTE NOHOCH NAH CHICH with MICHEL VAZQUEZ of Puerto Aventuras and JESUS GUSMAN of KOOX Diving in Tulum. The photo session started horribly as one of slave strobes would not fire and as I predicted as my models were ragged at the beginning. However, as we progressed they got better and better. It was the first time for both guys. After 30 shots, I stopped the dive on Ron's Line and somehow (miraculously) I got Jesus's slave strobe working...YAHOO! From there it just improved as we went along my route. Out of 280 shots, over 200 were keepers. CENOTE NOHOCH NAH CHICH has always been my favorite place for underwater cave photography.
An underwater cave photographer's paradise!
Photos by Steve Gerrard.

Friday, December 05, 2014

This is LENA ERICSON of Tulum, Q. Roo, Mexico working together with me as a team with a photo shoot on Friday, November 28, 2014 at SISTEMA CHI KEEN. When you do underwater cave photography, it is definitely working as a team to try to get good results. I always enjoy working with Lena as she definitely knows what she is doing.

16Q 0442844 UMT 2231653
16Q 0442932 UMT 2231628 (at Cenote)
N 20° 17.814’ W 087° 54.507’

The land owner is Delfino May. The total distance explored and surveyed is 16,377 feet/4992 meters. The maximum depth is 57 feet/17 meters. There are three cenotes located within this cave system.
It is located 4.5 kilometers south of Tulum on the west side of Tulum. Look for the Rancho 3 Reyes sign. Open the gate, drive through, close the gate and drive to the general parking area. Delfino will usually greet you and organize the transportation of your diving cylinders. It is a short hike on a well groomed path to a stairway leading down to the water. There is a map of the cave system posted at the beginning of the path.

There are no bathroom facilities.
The dive site fee is 200 pesos that includes carrying your tanks to the cenote.

The explorers were Victoria Alexandrova, Mauro Bordignon, Henrik Danielzon, Kim Davidsson, Henrik Farnbo, John Faulds, Sebastian Kister, Phillip Lehman, Pierre Montes, and Alvaro Roldan.

Photo by Steve Gerrard.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jeff Highley and Scott Banks of Long Beach, California during Friday afternoon, November 21, 2014 enjoying a GREAT dive at:
W 87.6276 / N 20.0614
The land owner is Senor Dzulo (the correct spelling) who sadly passed away during the spring of 2014. His family now operates the dive site. The family calls this cenote Cueva De Golondrinas – “Cave Of The Swallows”. The maximum depth is 89 feet/27.1 meters.
There are bathroom facilities available.
There is a dive site fee paid here.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Yesterday (Friday, November 21, 2014) Jeff Highley & Scott Barnes of Long Beach, California and I dived the downstream mainline Cenote Caterpillar for our first time.  We learned much from the dive and will return for many more.  This is strictly a side mount dive.

16Q 0433662 N / 2218712 E
N 20’ 0642   W 87’ 6345

The land owner is the Ejido Chuyaxche.   The maximum depth of this area is 89 feet/27.1 meters.

Drive south of the village of Muyil on Highway 307 past the first curve and travel approximately a half of a kilometer.  Look for a road to the right and follow it a ½ kilometer and the jungle will open into a large unused limestone quarry.  You will find the opening on the far side.  The best dive is the “Ho Lee Sheet” passage.   There are two sets of ancient bear remains including very well preserved feet and claws.  Be sure to register with the Ejido Chuyaxche before you dive.

There are no bathroom facilities available.

The dive site fee is paid at the Diconsa mini super market located directly across the street from the Muyil ruins entrance.

Photos By Steve Penn Gerrard.