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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fourth Longest Underwater Cave Discovered in Mexico

January 10, 2012 / Mexico, North America
Czech Cave Divers
Photo via
Members of the Czech Speleological Society (CSS) have recently connected the Ko’ox Baal system, located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, to another cave to create the world’s fourth longest underwater cave system.
A connection between the ~20 kilometer (12 mile) long Tux Kupaxa system to Ko’ox Baal had led to a total length of over 56.5 kilometers (35.1 miles).
A commitment to mapping the cave has led Ko’ox Baal to actually take the top spot as the longest mapped underwater cave system.
“We never abandon any of the newly discovered caves before completing its map. Unfortunately this is an exception in Yucatan,” - Speleologist Daniel Hutnan to the Czech News Agency
Another system, Xunaan Ha system, located around 2 kilometers away could also potentially connect to Ko’ox Baal in the future, which would mean an additional 51 kilometers (32 miles) and the spot as the third longest underwater cave.
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