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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Map So far


Cave Survey Mexico is all  about cave diving and surveying the caves we dive in. Our current project is to produce a diver friendly map of the popular cave system ,  Sistema Tajma Ha along with the exploration history and anything else we can dig up along the way.  We are having a blast doing this. If you enjoy this site  a tenth as much as we enjoy making it then we succeeded!

Meet the Team ….Alan Formstone

I remember reading a Sunday Times Magazine article about cave diving when I was very young back in the UK and being thoroughly horrified at the idea. It seemed insane that anyone would want to do this. Ok, they could see some cool stalagtites in air pocket rooms, as long as they pushed past enough of the dead bodies jamming up the passages, but surely a cave is a cave, a dark nasty hole in the earth where sane humans have no right to be, and if it happened to be full of water then that was absolute madness! Not for me thankyou very much!
It’s funny how things change… I was first certified cavern and intro  back in 1999 by Rose Meadows in Florida  finally getting around to  full cave in 2003 with Sergio Granucci. Early in 2010, I advanced from the humdrum of backmount to the intensely exciting world of sidemount under the guidance of Steve Bogaerts.
Outside of cave diving,  I am an OW instructor under PADI and hold various NAUI technical diving qualifications that I fail to remember the names of.
… and here I am making a map. Everyone has a map in them. It just needs to get out.
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