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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cave Diving

Sal is known for its fantastic beaches but beneath the water there are fantastic dives. PADI instructor Romina Andreini from Cabo Verde Diving describes a recent dive to the cave systems of Buracona and Regona.
Romina Andreini has been a PADI instructor for over 10 years and has lived in Cape Verde since 2003.
On arrival at the first dive site, Buracona, we entered the water with a giant stride, conditions were excellent and descended to about 24 metres to the mouth of the cave. A tunnel of about 100 metres extends from the mouth of the cave which has gentle turns and is made of rock. For the initial few minutes torches were used to guide divers through the tunnel until they arrived at the heart of the reef; it is here that divers are treated to a most spectacular light display. A large dome ascends to the reef top, where it breaks free into the daylight and the power of the sunlight creates majestic beams that light up the interior of the cave and reveal her true beauty. The group spent a good deal of time playing in the surreal beams of light and taking some fantastic photographs.
I was surprised that the group even enjoyed their safety stop by having fun hanging onto each others’ fins in a long line, and four of the group had an underwater rodeo, much to the enjoyment of all the other divers! If you visit Sal you really shouldn’t miss this dive.
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After the surface interval on the boat we moved to the second dive site of Regona - another amazing dive. Regona is a series of horseshoe-shaped tunnels that interconnect and emerge into the open sea, providing much excitement and shark encounters. After entering the mouth of the cave the tunnel initially runs for approximately 20 metres before turning left and continuing for a further 400 metres, running parallel to the reef and with frequent exits to the reef’s edge.
This dive site is fascinating and unique in terms of the marine life that is living inside the cave. Crustaceans, sand tiger sharks, nurse sharks, rays, slipper lobsters, catfish, moray eels and large schools of fish including jackfish and tuna can be found in abundance. If you’re a certified diver visiting the Island of Sal then an excursion to the unique underwater caves at Buracona and Regona is an absolute must. Whilst cave diving is considered an advanced form of diving it is possible for those with their advanced licence and a minimum of one dive in the local waters to experience these dives – and for less experienced there are beginners’ courses.

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