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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Deepest Thai cave exploredCave divers have descended 240m to reach the bottom of Thailand's Sra Keow, the country's deepest flooded cave.

Run by the Asian Cave Diving Club, the project involved complicated logistics and several set-up dives to place equipment, including decompression stations.

The deep divers were well-known French technical diver Cedric Verdier and the Belgian Ben Reymenants.

The 10-hour dive, which took place on 18 February, also involved four support divers, dive supervisor, hyperbaric physician and other assistants.

The operation went smoothly, with the bottom divers able to 'safely explore and survey the deepest part of the cave'.

The team employed a mix of diving technology. Verdier used a Megalodon rebreather (Verdier) and Reymenants open-circuit scuba, and the two divers undertaking the deepest support duties were similarly split between open and closed-circuit.
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