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Monday, June 03, 2013

Silver Glen Springs Cave Diving Team

Exploration for Preservation

Last explored 20 years ago, Silver Glen Springs has long been recognized as one of the most unique places in Florida. Natural geologic erosion, powerful hydrological flow, and ever-evolving troglobitic life fills the submerged passages of one of Florida’s most precious resources.
Under the direction of original Silver Glen explorer/cartographer Eric Hutcheson, the two-year project will allow members of the core exploration team to use their expertise to explore, map, photograph, and document the site using state-of-the-art equipment and technological processes never before used in caves. The findings of this expedition will lead to a better understanding of this site, providing knowledge which is critical to the management, conservation, and promotion of public interest in our natural springs.

Core Exploration Team Members

Eric Hutcheson – Creative Director -
David Ulloa – Valeo Films Inc : Special Projects Producer
Bill Foote – Ocala Dive Center : Breathing Gas Management
Bill Belleville – Equinox Documentaries : Producer
Jim Killion – JK Productions : Cinematographer
Tom Morris – Biological Consultant
Kristi Bernot - Staff Photographer



Project Outline


Our first agenda is to observe any changes that may have taken place in the past 20 years. Geologic erosion, Biological life, Hydrologic flow, along with the inspection of all our original survey data base, guide lines and survey stations.

Mapping and illustrations

This project will continue to collect detailed survey data of the entire spring system to produce a more accurate detailed full color dimensional map and illustration of Silver Glen Springs. After 20 years our craft, skills and equipment have greatly improved and Silver Glen is the perfect example to showcase an accurate picture of the Floridian Aquifer.

Troglobidic Life

Silver Glen is home to its own species of cave dwelling crayfish. Discovered during our original project in the early 90s this was the last new species of cave cray fish to be found in Florida. The entrance area was abundant with fresh water eels and macrobrachium (a very large, fresh water shrimp). We will document all life forms and the changes that have occurred over the decades.

Photography and Video

A new series of photographs will be produced of the entire cave and underwater area including the large room with Aussum Pit. HD video of the cave and all of our findings will be filmed to help the general public understand the importance of preservation of the Floridian Aquifer and specifically Silver Glen Springs.

The End Result

All of our work and productions will be presented to the US Forest Service in an attempt to continue the preservation of the springs and to aid  in the park development with interpretive displays to educate the visitor and highlight Silver Glen as one of the most unique places in Florida.

Eric Hutcheson - Original explorer/ cartographer of Silver Glen Springs
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