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Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Patricia A. Beddows, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist and Hydrogeologist
McMaster University, Canada

Patricia Beddows studies the hydrology, geochemistry, and geology of limestone areas where caves have formed. These "karst" regions supply approximately 25% of the world's water supplies, host unique biology, and preserve records of the human and geological past.
Patricia's research in the karst Yucatan Peninsula began in 1996 as an assistant to researchers from the Mexican National Autonomous University. This impressive experience directed her career path with both her Master of Science (McMaster, Canada) and her Ph.D. (Bristol, UK). She has explored the hydrodynamics of the most extensive flooded cave systems in the world, found in the Yucatan. Her research continues today with students and projects dedicated to assessing cave water, contaminant flows, and reconstructing past conditions.
As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at McMaster University, she also provides modern calibrations for past climate records in 6 other karst regions across North America. Patricia enjoys caving and cave diving whenever possible, is tri-lingual, has published 17 articles and chapters, and provided 26 professional and public education presentations to date. She is proud that her research contributes to better environmental management in karst lands and appreciates the extensive support of all the cave divers, landowners, NGO, agencies, and government officials that have made the research discoveries possible.
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