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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Piccaninnie Ponds

Piccaninnie Ponds
Both Ewens Ponds and Picaninnie Ponds are two popular freshwater diving sites in the south eastern region of Australia. At the Picaninnie Ponds, you can dive, swim or snorkel across the chasm and swim down to check out the underwater creatures and plants.
The best part of the Picaninnie Ponds is its crystal clear waters, which actually gets slowly filtered naturally through the limestone. The process is occurring since thousands of years and it has resulted in the formation of various limestone forming underneath the pond water.

Piccaninnie Ponds Diving, South Australia

The pressure built due to the uprising of freshwater to the surface has resulted in the erosion in the limestone that in turn resulted in the chasm formation. The Picaninnie Ponds also boast the large underwater cavern of the Cathedral; the mechanism behind the formation of this cavern is same as the chasm.
Divers can get some picturesque views of its majestic naturally sculptured limestone white walls. The chasm at the Picaninnie Ponds also has an abundance of green algae on its white walls.
With a clear underwater visibility up to 40 metres, this pond is one of the spectacular and stunning freshwater diving sites in the entire South Australia. As one of the largest freshwater springs, this pond is a popular diving destination among the novice and experienced divers.
You will see a variety of small fish, snails, mussels, mites, amphibians, shrimp, frogs and tortoise here. Apart from that the pond water also houses an array of beautiful aquatic plants and weeds.
The Picaninnie Ponds truly represents the region’s unique geology and spectacular hydrology.

Piccaninnie Ponds Information

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Address: Piccaninnie Ponds Road, Wye
Operating Hours: 24 hours
Adult: $11.00 Snorkelling permit (per timeslot)
Adult: $68.00 Cave diving permit (annual)
Adult: $32.00 Cave diving permit (per timeslot)
Phone: 08 8735 1177
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