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Friday, September 06, 2013


Friday, September 6th, 2013


I got “home” Sunday night from Scotland, UK.

I am here being a bachelor as my wife is at the beach in North Carolina participating in a West Virginia University Sorority Reunion.  She will be back tomorrow night.

This Tuesday, September 10th we leave for San Francisco, California for a two week visit to my sister’s home located in Los Gatos, California (near San Jose).  This will be Harriet’s first visit to the San Francisco Bay area.  I have everything planned out (with my sister Mary’s help) for the entire trip.  We will travel up to Marin County to visit Stinson Beach and Mt. Tamalpais and stay at Morro Bay and then visit Napa Valley wine area.  We will be going to an Oakland Athletics baseball game on Monday night, September 16th as they play the Angels.  Then we will be going to Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur for three nights.  Intertwined with all this will be several trips to the City of San Francisco as I have tickets for 7 days of trolley rides, a boat tour trip on the S.F. Bay, the S. F. Aquarium, the Museum of Natural Science and a few other things I cannot remember.  We return on Tuesday, September 24th and then Thursday, September 26th I depart for Aberdeen, Scotland for my last hitch on the MSV Island Enforcer.  At the beginning of November we are taking the vessel to Brazil, which will take three weeks then I get off near the end of November flying from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil back to Charleston.  Then I fly to Cancun, Mexico around December 6th as I have a four day class to teach with a girl from California and then I guide a couple from Finland for two weeks before flying back to Charleston on December 23rd.

You can say that I keep myself quite busy, eh?

While I am in California and visiting Monterey I will be stopping by the Backscatter Underwater Photography store to get my

Nauticam NA-NEX5R Underwater Housing for Sony NEX-5R Camera

I am excited in getting this toy and get my “butt” back into underwater photography.  My plans are to take u/w photos every day possible in the caves.
Both Harriet and I will fly back to Cancun around December 29th as she will stay for at least two weeks.  In addition, we get to see the newly renovated bathroom in our condo as Gonzalo and Patricia Vaccaluzzo (they coordinate renovations) are working on that this month.

My “new” 2014 book “THE CENOTES OF THE RIVIERA MAYA” will be published in January, 2014.  I have been diligently working on this project for quite a while.  It will be an E BOOK with five times the information compared to the 2001 book.

As an example, I just received the new book from Europe …”A QUEST for the SECRETS of XILBALBA.


There are no longer many places on the globe where humans have yet to set foot. One of few exceptions is the expansive jungle of the interior of Mexico’s Yucat√°n peninsula, an area that in ancient times was populated by the flourishing Mayan civilization. Astonishingly, relics of the Maya are still to be found in the impenetrable jungle today. Beneath this world is another world with even more surprises – a world full of caves whose discovery is fraught with danger.  Not only are these caves difficult to find and access, explorers must contend with the endless masses of water that fill them. As a sign of their respect for this place, the ancient Maya called it Xibalba – place of fear.

This book is the story of a group of speleologists who have dedicated their lives to the discovery and exploration of underground worlds. It is also about their colleagues and friends, some of whom have paid the highest price for their resolve.

Hard cover book, including a folding map.

This has helped me answer a few questions.  This book is all about the KOOX BA’AL #4 longest underwater cave system located west of Chemuyil with a GREAT u/w map.

Be Safe!  Be happy!


103 La Costa Xel Ha Avenue

Puerto Aventuras, Q. Roo,

77782    MEXICO








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