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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Pete Nawrocky

National Field Manager, Dive Rite
Pete Nawrocky

Pete Nawrocky began his diving career in 1971 onLong Island,NY. As a marine biology major in college, Pete became fascinated by the ocean and wanted to see for himself what he was studying. Since his high school days, Pete has spent over thirty-five years exploring and diving oceans, lakes, caves and shipwrecks worldwide, but his love is still with local diving.
Pete spent 10 years working the retail side of the dive business at Central Skindivers inNew York. Like most dive professionals he learned to rebuild/service all types of dive equipment, teach classes and crew on the shops 65 foot dive boat the “Honest Archie”. During this time he also worked with Universal Studios and a couple of TV shows in NY City. He has been an active Instructor since 1979 and continues to teach a variety of recreational and technical classes.
Pete joined Dive Rite in 1998. With his background in Florida cave diving that began in the early 80’s, Dive Rite was a good fit. Pete has established quite a following of divers who enjoy his affable approach to teaching and diving. Pete is often in the water with groups of divers who want to learn new techniques or try new gear. Many divers meet Pete on a demo dive during the Tech Tour. Pete makes it a point to dive with all of his clients as often as possible; believing that diving is what builds lasting relationships. After all, this is what draws everyone to this unique industry in the first place.
As an underwater photographer, Pete’s photos have graced the pages of many scuba magazines over the years and can often be found in Dive Rite’s own website advertisements, and Facebook postings. His articles can be found throughout the world wide diving community on topics such as CCR diving, marine life and gear configurations to list a few. He is a frequent guest lecturer at industry trade shows, colleges, dive shops, and dive clubs throughout the country. Pete is always looking for new groups to speak to, and can be contacted anytime regarding a presentation for your club or organization. He is also the author of the Dive Rite Regulator manuals and frequently teaches regulator technician classes.
Based out of Virginia Beach, VA, Pete’s position at Dive Rite is entitled as National Field Manager. He can be contacted at 757-426-9708 or If you can’t find Pete in the water or at a presentation, you can always find him on Facebook.
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