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Thursday, September 18, 2014


To all the cave diving community, recreational divers, explorers and friends of the Cenotes;

I write this to all of you in order to create conscience and to put all EGOS behind and start working together, because we are facing one of the biggest treats in cave diving history which is the massive destruction of some of the most beautiful cave systems around the world and one of the largest and cleanest fresh water sources on earth, the rich, complex, sometime even endemic and endangered biodiversity and the invaluable historical discoveries made on NAHARON AND THE BLACK HOLE, among other to be found and jet to be discovered, the archaeology and anthropology, and the conservation of the main fresh water source in the estate of Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula, please this is the time to work as a unit and sell the idea that conservation is a better business, lets rise our voices together and if they don´t listen to us here then let´s do all around the world, let´s make the international community to look this way and since many of you are from different countries this should be easier tell all your friends about México and it´s beauty and why it should be preserved and not destroyed or transform in to a RESORT, let´s prove to all land owners, hotel builders, construction companies and the government that the tourist want to come to México to enjoy all the beautiful and natural heritage that we have and if they are taken away eventually they won’t have a reason for the tourist to come…

I hope I can get this letter to most of you and that you make it travel all around the world, tell your friends about the Mayan Culture and their advances on mathematics, astronomy, ocean navigation and architecture, tell them how they considered the CENOTES SACRED because among other things they knew it was the source of fresh water so important to sustain life and that we all give for granted because we can buy it in any convenience store but we forget that in the Yucatan peninsula it comes primarily from the CENOTES.


Your friend and fellow cave diver
Daniel González Cardona
Phone # +52 9982152897

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