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Saturday, September 27, 2014


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The land owner is Jose de Jesus Beas.  The linear distance explored and surveyed is 16,008 feet/4,879 meters.  The máximum depth is 84 feet/25.6 meters.  

There are five cenotes located within this cave system.  They are Cenote Crustecea or Esponosa, Cenote Diamente next to the beach at Playa Secreto, Cenote Filamentosa inside Hotel resort Dorado Royale, Cenote Marike inside the property of the Hotel Dorado near Highway 307, Cenote Rastro at the Slaughter Ranch on the west side of Highway 307 and connected to the sea on February 2012 by Jeronimo Aviles, Rogelio Mier and Victor Fito south of the Dorado Hotel Resort.

The cenote is located 5 kilometers south of Puerto Morelos.  At the first turnaround come back north about 1 kilometer before the hill and take a right at the security gate entrance. From the Maya Palace Resort drive north two kilometers and take a right before the hill at security gate.    Drive ½ kilometer and take the first cleared road heading north.  Follow this trail as short distance and you will come upon a huge cenote with the entire circumference rim is eight feet/2.4 meters above the wáter.  Drive to the north end and you will find a huge tree.  You can carefully jump into the wáter as it is eight feet/2.4 meters deep.  However, getting out of the cenote is the biggest challenge.  Bring proper climbing ropes and pulleys for the easiest method.   Better yet, bring a twelve foot ladder.  If you are strong and limber, you can climb the tree out of the wáter and use your ropes and pulley to pull the equipment out of the cenote.

The main line begins left of the tree facing north.  The visibility in the cenote will be very poor.  It is best to use a primary reel and find your way into the cave as the visibility will improve greatly at 20 feet/6.1 meters.  The main line heads upstream.  An offshoot line to the right heads downstream.  This cave is connected with the Caribbean Sea located slightly more a kilometer away.

This cave system contains thousands of remipedia and one other amphipod   Located 8,000 feet/2438 meters+ or a kilometer north on Highway 307 is a ranch on the west side named Rancho Rastro. For years this ranch has been a Hog Butchery.  After the animal is killed and cleaned, all materials are flushed down a white pipe into a hole at the bottom of a dry cenote located right next to Highway 307.  This feeds the cave system with a daily supply of nutrients (food) thus allowing a population explosión of these two species of cave dwellers. 
It is a very unique environmental situation. 

Obtaining permission from the land owner who owns the grocery story at the town square in Puerto Morelos would be nice.

There are no bathroom facilities.

This is a rare PHOTO of Marike Jasper at Cenote Crustecea in 2000.  She died in 2004.

The phone #: (998) 871 0037   Extension 101.

The first explorers were Steve Gerrard, Marike Jasper and Kate Lewis.  Other explorers were Jeronimo Aviles, Victor Fito, Sergio Grannucia,  Dan Lins,  Mike Madden, Rogelio Mier, Alex Reato, and R. Rendondo.

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